Pakistan’s most populous city to be cleaned in next two weeks

World Thursday 01/August/2019 14:49 PM
By: Times News Service
Pakistan’s most populous city to be cleaned in next two weeks

Karachi: Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs has taken up the responsibility of cleaning trash across Karachi.

The minister, Ali Haider Zaidi, said that he will clean all the trash on the streets of Karachi — within the next two weeks — with the help of citizens.

Zaidi took to Twitter and said: “Inshallah with the help of the citizens of this great city, we will clean up Karachi from trash in the next 2 weeks. #LetsCleanKHI

Notable organisations and celebrities across various fields, including Karachi Electric (KE) and Pakistan’s popular pop rock and rock bands, Strings and Junoon, quickly joined hands with Zaidi for the initiative.

Officials from KE said: “K-Electric fully supports Karachi cleanup initiative by Mr. Ali Zaidi and will help in every way possible.”

Strings wrote on their official twitter account that: “We know that there’s a far more beautiful Karachi waiting to be uncovered. Looking forward to working with Ali Haider Zaidi on this amazing initiative. #LetsCleanKHI.”

Junoon’s lead guitarist Salman Ahmad, said that their new album has a song dedicated about the current destruction of the environment.

“Junoon recorded ghaflat on our album Talaash to protest the degradation of our environment and our cities. I’m dedicating ghaflat for Ali Haider Zaidi's campaign #LetsCleanKHI,” Ahmad wrote on his twitter account.

In addition to this, Pakistan’s first circumnavigator, Fakhr-e-Alam also supported the initiative and wrote on his twitter account: "Ali Haider Zaidi you made the call #LetsCleanKHI and the people have responded. From most of the entertainment/music industry to the great citizens of Karachi. Everyone is ready to back you on this. Let’s get this done.”