Oman’s Ministry of Finance rejects Bloomberg report

Business Monday 22/July/2019 16:51 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman’s Ministry of Finance rejects Bloomberg report

Muscat: Oman's Ministry of Finance has refuted a report issued by Bloomberg regarding its public finances.

The Ministry of Finance responded to the report published by Bloomberg regarding the Sultanate's delay in publishing its public financial statements, in addition to questions raised regarding the Sultanate's level of transparency in providing financial and economic data.

In a statement, the Ministry of Finance said: "The Ministry refutes the report as it does not reflect the reality of the situation in the Sultanate. The Ministry confirms that all public financial data is available regularly through a monthly statistical bulletin issued by the National Centre for Statistics and Information which is officially responsible for publishing all statistical data and indicators in accordance with the regulations in force in the Sultanate.

"As for what the agency reported regarding the impact that the absence of the public financial statements it had of investors, who are considering investing in government bonds, and their ability to analyse the financial position of the Sultanate, the Ministry confirms that the procedures by which bonds are offered are preceded by the issuance of a comprehensive guide containing financial and economic data for investors which include financial statements.

"The Ministry of Finance invites all media establishments to refer to the statistical publications issued by the National Center for Statistics and Information through the centre's portal at,” the Ministry added.