Violating the laws of this nature reserve in Oman will land you hefty fines

Energy Sunday 21/July/2019 11:34 AM
By: Times News Service
Violating the laws of this nature reserve in Oman will land you hefty fines

Muscat: A fine between OMR 50 and OMR 200 will be slapped on those who violate the laws of visiting Jabal Qahwan Nature Reserve in South Sharqiyah Governorate.

Prohibited activities in the reserve include attempts to catch or collect wildlife, antiquities, or any part of the assets in the reserve, and the use of firearms and traditional weapons inside the reserve, which is permitted only for certain employees at the reserve.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs issued a Ministerial Decision to organise and manage Jabal Qahwan Nature Reserve, which included listing a number of activities that are prohibited on the reserve, as well as mentioning the penalties for violators.

Article 2 of the decision stipulates that it is prohibited to carry out the following activities and actions inside the reserve: Visitors are not allowed to set up fires in non-designated areas, pollute water sources, dump garbage, dig wells, or mine resources on the grounds of the reserve.

The decision also prohibits the conduct of a number of actions, which can only be carried out after obtaining permission from the ministry to conduct studies and collection of samples for said activity, and this includes the use of cameras and drones inside the reserve.

Article 6 read: "Any person who contravenes the provisions of Article 2 of this Decree shall be subject to an administrative fine of not less than OMR 50 and not more than OMR 200."

The Article 3 of the decision added: Entrance, camping or overnight stays are permitted within the reserve for authorized persons and a maximum of 50 people only and in places designated by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs.