​Cloud cover spreads to several parts of Oman

Oman Sunday 21/July/2019 11:22 AM
By: Times News Service
​Cloud cover spreads to several parts of Oman

Muscat: People who have travelled to the Dhofar for the Khareef Festival will continue to enjoy plenty of cool rain and pleasant breeze, the Public Authority of Civil Aviation has said, as cloud cover spreads to several parts of the country.

The Public Authority for Civil Aviation PACA said in a statement online regarding their weather forecast : "There has been a spread of clouds over most coasts of the Sultanate and parts of the provinces of North and South Batinah, South Sharqiyah, Wusta, Dhofar, Ad Dhahirah, bringing with it low clouds and fog and the fall of sporadic spray on the coasts and mountains of the Dhofar Governorate".

PACA added: "Partly cloudy to cloudy skies will be found along the coastal areas of the Dhofar Governorate and the adjoining mountains, with chances of intermittent drizzle."

The maximum temperature in the country is expected to be 44 degrees in Wilayat Buraimi, while the lowest temperature will be registered in the Wilayats of Ibra, Masirah and Saiq, which will show temperatures of 25 degrees.