Falaj Al Khatmayn

T TV Friday 19/July/2019 14:20 PM
By: Times News Service

A falaj is an irrigation system with water passing through channels dug into the ground.

Falaj Al Khatmayn at Nizwa, Dakhiliya governorate is an exceptional example and appears in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

The source of falaj water is groundwater found in the subsoil of wadis and does not rely on machinery in its extraction.

This system of irrigation has its roots in Oman’s history of managing a scarce resource in this part of the world.

Falaj Al Khatmayn is a Dawoodi Falaj type, which has water running in its channels all throughout the year.

Map coordinates:
22°55'23.33"N 57°40'3.97"E