Rain expected in parts of Oman

T TV Thursday 18/July/2019 14:28 PM
By: Times News Service

Rain is expected today in parts of Northern and Eastern Oman to accompany the Khareef season in Dhofar, according to the Directorate General of Meteorology.
A statement by the D.G of Meteorology read, “Expected chances of cloud development with rain and occasional thundershowers over al Hajar Mountains towards the afternoon.”
The rain is expected at Ibra in Al Sharqiya, Al Rustaq in Al Batinah, Ibri in Al Dhahirah, and Nizwa in Al Dakhiliyah.
A forecast by the directorate mentioned the “spread of low and middle cloud formations over most of Oman’s governorates along with Khareef cloud formations with intermittent drizzles of rain over the coasts and mountains of Dhofar governorate.”