Breathtaking snapshots of Dhofar

Energy Wednesday 10/July/2019 22:14 PM
By: Times News Service
Breathtaking snapshots of Dhofar

During the Khareef season, Dhofar is home to breathtaking scenery, however when it comes to getting the best shot, local photographers have their own inspirations, which symbolise to them the best of Dhofar.
Some photographers are drawn by the vivid greenery of Salalah during the Khareef, while others find that the change in season had much more to offer than merely stunning scenery.
Mohammed Al Barami told Times of Oman about his passion for taking pictures of birds: “As a wildlife photographer, I begin a personal journey, following the behaviour of migrating birds and finding the best wildlife photos possible as soon as the season begins. The summer creates an extraordinary season in Dhofar, which brings in migrating birds that are drawn here due to an abundance of nutrition. This represents a huge opportunity for wildlife and nature photographers.
Haitham Ba’Omar found it hard to choose any one thing to focus on while taking pictures. “Everything is beautiful in Salalah,” he said. “I love to take images of nature and wildlife.” Ba’Omar urged photographers who visit Salalah not to let their excitement disturb the peace and quiet of nature.
“Anyone who plans to visit the area should first protect the peace of nature here, and they should be ready to take a rare image at any moment. They might be able to take a photo of the many rare wildlife animals in the governorates such as the Arabian Leopard and the Nubian Ibex.”
Sami Al Qawal, another local photographer, believes that it is important for people to know when the right time to take photos during the Khareef is.
“Salalah has many different seasons that are perfect for photography. Regarding the Khareef, it’s from the middle of August until the middle of September. You can take photos of migrating birds all year round, fishing photos would be between October to February, and you can take photos of the desert between November and April,” he said.
According to Al Qawal, people need to know the areas well if they want to take beautiful images.