Norms relaxed for bonded warehouse operators

Business Monday 08/July/2019 17:24 PM
By: Times News Service
Norms relaxed for bonded warehouse operators

Muscat: The new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for bonded warehouse operators relaxes the control requirements thereby allowing warehouse keepers to work more independently with less direct involvement by the Customs.
For example, warehouse keepers are now allowed to store bonded and non-bonded goods in the same space, provided the warehouse keeper’s information system can effectively identify and manage goods.
The SOP includes the idea of providing multiple bonded and non-bonded related services under a single roofline, such as consolidation and deconsolidation of goods, alongside warehousing. Operators are allowed to undertake “normal” operations, without the day to day presence of customs officers. These include the locking and unlocking of perimeter fences and buildings and the sealing or unsealing of transport units. Goods may be stored in bonded warehouses for up to three years.
The SOP enables provision of multiple types of services that logistics service providers may take advantage of. Payment duties and taxes are made only when goods are released from warehouse and cleared for domestic consumption. Goods can also be transited to other countries or customs points. In case of re-export, duties will not be in Oman.
Customs provide investors with three types of warehouse licenses. These include private Warehouse, for goods owners to store their own goods, public warehouse, for warehouse operator to store goods on behalf of other people, investment warehouse, for investors to store their own goods and goods on behalf of other people. The warehouse bond amount is also reduced for investment warehouse operators.
Bonded warehouse
Bonded warehouses are places where imported goods may be stored under suspension of payment of customs duty and other Government fees and charges normally payable at the time of goods importation.
When goods are withdrawn from a bonded warehouse for domestic use Government fees and charges (including duty) are payable. When goods are withdrawn from a bonded warehouse for export from Oman, or transfer to another bonded warehouse a declaration to that effect must be lodged with customs.
Apart from storage, unpacking, repacking and the packaging of goods, the only operations permitted in warehouses are those related to restoring goods to the condition in which they were exported.
How to apply
Warehouse and cargo consolidation operators must have the appropriate approvals from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. They must also be approved and registered by the Directorate General of Customs in the Bayan system.