Expat workers in Oman evicted from residential building

Energy Wednesday 03/July/2019 21:50 PM
By: Times News Service
Expat workers in Oman evicted from residential building

Muscat: Expatriate workers have been evicted from a residential building by the Muscat Municipality in accordance with a judicial ruling.
According to the Municipality, the expatriates were evicted by the Royal Oman Police and Muscat Municipality.
In a statement online, the Municipality said: “The legal follow-up department at the Directorate General of Muscat Municipality in Bausher, in cooperation with the Royal Oman Police executed a judicial decision to remove expatriate workers from a residential building.”
The Municipality said that the bachelor expatriate workers were evicted because they were violating local order 23/92, by living in a residential area.
In a statement, the Municipality said: “After the settlement could not be carried out, the offence was referred to the court, which in turn referred it to the court to convict the defendants of housing in a residential area. Because there are laws and legislation to regulate the housing of migrant workers in residential neighbourhoods.”
“Article 31 (d) of Local Order No. 23/92 on the regulation of buildings in the Governorate of Muscat stipulates that: “It is not permitted to establish complexes or buildings for the residence of workers or bachelors in residential or commercial residential areas, nor does it allowed to establishment of a building that combines residential and single-family housing,” the statement added.
Article 101 of the Local Order stipulates that “No building shall be constructed or used except for the purpose of which the permit was issued and consistent with the usage category and the planning structure of the area.”