Temperatures touch 50 degrees in Oman

T TV Tuesday 25/June/2019 17:12 PM
By: Times News Service

Temperatures in Fahoud reached 50 Degrees Celcius on Monday, according to the Public Authority for Civil Aviation.
On Sunday, officials had warned that the temperatures in Al Wusta, A'Dhakiliyah and A'Dhahirah Governorates were predicted to reach 49 degrees.
Temperatures in Ibri and Sunayinal reached 48 degrees while Maqshin, Haima and Qarn Alam all experienced maximum temperatures of 47 degrees.
On the other hand, the lowest temperatures in the Sultanate were observed in Qairoon Hiriti, Dhalkut, Saiq, Duqum and Ashkhara varying from 21 to 25 degrees.