Ministry of Tourism asks tourists visiting Salalah to ‘dress modestly’

Oman Sunday 23/June/2019 13:52 PM
By: Times News Service
Ministry of Tourism asks tourists visiting Salalah to ‘dress modestly’

Muscat: Tourists visiting the Dhofar Governorate this Khareef season have been asked by the Ministry of Tourism to respect local traditions and dress modestly.
More than 50,000 leaflets have been issued at various tourism centres at the borders, in order to create awareness about dressing appropriately. Transport companies have also agreed to broadcast the message on bus screens.
The advice is part of an awareness campaign launched by the Ministry aimed at tourists to Dhofar governorate’s Khareef season which began on June 21 and continues till September 21. Director of Tourism Awareness at the Ministry of Tourism, Amina Al Baloushi, said that the Ministry has printed leaflets to create awareness about the need to respect local customs and traditions.”
According to the Ministry, the awareness campaign focuses on the importance of protecting and respecting local social values.
“It is a must to dress modestly as it is important in the Islamic customs, traditions and practices,” Al Baloushi said.
“The way tourists are dressed should not make the people living near these destinations feel uncomfortable,” she continued.
The Ministry has also asked tourists to ensure that they have proper permission before taking pictures of people and public places as well as taking care of the sites they visit and leaving them tidy and litter free.