How to acquire Omani citizenship

T TV Monday 17/June/2019 12:16 PM
By: Times News Service

Expats who want to obtain Omani citizenship have to file an application that costs OMR600.

Expat spouses, widows or divorcees of Omani citizens need to pay OMR300.

Documents required:

1.) A copy of the passport with a valid visa

2.) A copy of the personal identification card

3.) A copy of a valid residency card

4.) A copy of the marriage certificate if married

5.) Copies of the wife’s passport and of any children

6.) If married to an Omani woman, a copy of his certificate for marriage of a foreigner

7.) A certificate of good conduct from Oman and from the country of origin

8.) A valid medical certificate proving that he is fit and free of transmittable diseases

9.) An income document from the employer

10.) A certificate from the embassy of his country proving that he is allowed to forfeit his original passport

11.) A written proof of intent to forfeit his current passport

12.) A written declaration at the ministry that includes the names of all his underage children and their documents

Anyone who gains Omani citizenship must remain a long-term resident of Oman.

The expats who begin this procedure will have to undergo an Arabic language exam. The exam can be written, or it can be an interview in Arabic, at the ministry.

Expats who fail the exam can repeat it once after six months, and are given four chances in total to pass.