Municipal council: Omanis should use Mwasalat

Oman Wednesday 12/June/2019 14:32 PM
By: Times News Service
Municipal council: Omanis should use Mwasalat

Muscat: The Municipal Council of Muscat has endorsed Mwalat, Oman's public transportation company, and said that more Omanis should use its services.

This came during a meeting by the Public Affairs Committee at the Council, following an earlier meeting of the council itself where Mwasalat's CEO demonstrated excellent results to the members.

According to a statement by the Municipal Council, "[another suggestion was] to encourage Omani nationals to use the bus service of Mwasalat."

These suggestions, which are meant not to harm small SME and community competitors, came following the rapid improvement of Mwasalat services over the past years, and after presentations from The CEO and GM of Mwasalat on two seperate occasions.

According to the Municipal Council, it discussed just a month before Mwasalat's operations with Eng. Ahmed Al Balushi, CEO of Mwasalat.

A statement by the council read, "Most of the the council members expressed their thanks and praise for Mwasalat's services, while asking about the possibility of improvements such as adding secondary bus stops between the main ones, as well as Mwasalat's procedures when a new taxi driver wishes to join its fleet."

According to the council's statements, Mwasalat continues to aim for Omanis to join their services, even after the percentage of Omanis using the service increased from 5% in 2016 to 40% in 2017.

The CEO told the council members that Mwasalat was 88% omanised in 2017, and that its current challenges were "infrastructure requirements for public transport, such as appropriate parking for bus stops, methods for passersby to cross the street, and providing shading for waiting areas and planning for public transport parking, as well as other requirements for success such as separate lanes for buses and emergency services, as well giving buses the priority right to pass through traffic lights."