Store selling old Omani hats as new raided

Business Wednesday 12/June/2019 14:27 PM
By: Times News Service
Store selling old Omani hats as new raided

Muscat: A store that sold old hats (Omani Kumma) as new has been raided by the Public Authority of Consumer Protection (PACP) in wilayat Rustaq.

PACP said in a statement online, "During the inspection, authority officers seized a group of used Kumma that were displayed and sold at a commercial store. The inspectors noticed that the Kummas were worn and filled with dust and thread material and were sold at the price of a new one, which may expose the consumer to infectious diseases. The shop owners tried to defraud them."

After asking the violators, it was found that they collected these Kumma from another worker in Mattrah.

The PACP asked all consumers to take caution and be attentive when buying goods that are used in their daily life and to ensure that they are free from tampering. The PACP asked them to shop from reliable outlets and take care to take the purchase invoice to guarantee their rights. They can communicate with PACP when they observe any problems in the markets.