Chan-ocha sworn-in as Thailand PM

World Tuesday 11/June/2019 16:56 PM
By: Times News Service
Chan-ocha sworn-in as Thailand PM

Bangkok: Retired general Prayuth Chan-ocha who was sworn in as Thailand’s 29th Prime Minister on Tuesday, vowing to “eradicate corruption, reduce inequality, elevate the welfare of the people and ensure transparent government spending”.

Chan-ocha was royally endorsed as prime minister in a ceremony at the Government House in Bangkok.

During the ceremony which was televised live, Chan-ocha made oaths to a portrait of King Maha Vajiralongkorn.

In his speech in Thai that was also broadcast by national TV stations, Chan-ocha affirmed that he would dedicate himself to public service with honesty and integrity for the kingdom and its people.

“I will listen to the voice of the people while fulfilling my duty to move forward and develop the country in all aspects including eradicating corruption, reducing inequality and elevating the welfare of the people, especially those in the agricultural and commercial sectors through effective and transparent government spending.

“I will improve the capability of our human resources and provide opportunities for the younger generation to participate in national development.

“I will also promote a peaceful environment for a unified society based on love, unity and compassion. I will safeguard the dignity of the institutions of state, religion and the monarchy which are cherished by the people of Thailand,” he said after the royal endorsement ceremony, here, today.

Present at the ceremony were leaders and representatives of the coalition parties led by the Palang Pracharat Party (PPRP). However, Democrat Party leader, Jurin Laksanavisit was absent.

As army chief, Chan-ocha, led a 2014 coup that ousted a civilian government to end a prolonged period of unrest.
Chan-ocha was the PPRP’s sole candidate for the top job and secured 500 votes, beating his contender from the seven-party democratic front’s Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit who received 244 votes.

Speaking to reporters, Chan-ocha pledged that he would carry out his duty to the best of his ability with all members of Parliament and cabinet ministers.

He said the new cabinet would be formed soon.

“There will be discussions.... I hope things will be sorted out soon,” he added.