‘Thank you for what you do’ - Microsoft VP

Energy Saturday 08/June/2019 21:21 PM
By: Times News Service
‘Thank you for what you do’ - Microsoft VP

Abu Dhabi: Microsoft’s vice president of world-wide education has thanked students and teachers in Oman for always looking for ways in which they can help make the country better.
Anthony Salcito was at the recent BETT MEA education conference held in Abu Dhabi, where he decided to directly address students through Times of Oman, advising them about how they should never stop asking how they could benefit their communities and their societies.
“Well in my role, I get the chance to meet with government and educational institutions all over the world. I also work with employers, and one of the things that is true in the rest of the world as well as Oman, is that we need all of you,” said Salcito. “Every one of you has the capability to apply your amazing talents to help the world, to help your family, help your community, help your country, help the world solve problems. Every day, walk into your classrooms expecting more.”
He added: “Find an object – it could be any object, a map, a blackboard – and think about that object every day. When you see it, say to yourself, ‘I am going to expect more from myself, from my education, and from what I can do inside my country.’ Challenge your learning to apply what you can do with it. Question why you are learning what you are learning.” Salcito also had a direct message for teachers, professors and other educators in the country, telling them that they were the ones who had the ability to unlock the potential in students and make the country’s next generation see the talents they were capable of harnessing.
Educators are heroes
He said: “Educators, recognise that the world needs you now more than ever, educators are heroes in every country, and will the future of Oman, to lift economically, improve quality of life and be the catalyst for change. Recognise that technology is only going to help you be more important, because it does not diminish you at all.
“You can extend learning beyond the classroom,” added Salcito. “You can bring new methodologies and innovations into your students. Working with that confidence and mind-set, you can be great, and I sincerely see examples of great teachers all around the world, and I am in debt for what a great inspiration you provide to us and the work that you do for the students that you serve all around the world.”
A new digital world
He added that a new digital world meant students in the future may not need to travel to find jobs. Instead, technology meant that they could work from wherever they felt comfortable.
“Students and educators, thank you for the work that you do,” he said. “We look forward to seeing tremendous change in Oman, and the opportunity is now. This new digital world has changed from a world where people went to find jobs, they left countries to go find work. Today’s workforce is a workforce wherein jobs find people.
“So if you can create the capacity aligned to the skills needed in this new workforce, you can create economic potential and opportunities for you and future citizens across your country,” added Salcito. “I look forward to that change and thanks very much for leading the way.”