Ministry carries out pre-Eid food inspection campaign

Energy Tuesday 28/May/2019 19:52 PM
By: Times News Service
Ministry carries out pre-Eid food inspection campaign

Muscat: In preparation for Eid Al Fitr, the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources is strengthening efforts in the field of health inspection and food control by ensuring that slaughterhouses are ready for the holiday.
As part of its plans, the Ministry has undertaken maintenance work for existing slaughterhouses as well as continuing to build new facilities in various wilayats.
New slaughterhouses
Last year, the Ministry began implementing its development plan which includes the construction of 16 new slaughterhouses. So far, the construction of a municipal facility has been completed in the governorate of Al Dhahirah and other slaughterhouses are being established in Wilayat Dima Wa Tayeen, Hima and Nakheel.
In addition, the Ministry carried out the maintenance and expansion of 27 existing abattoirs, which included the allocation of a waiting area for customers, separated from the slaughter hall by a glass barrier which enables them to watch the process directly.
The Ministry has also increased it inspection campaigns of various establishments, including men’s and women’s salons, to ensure the safety and sanitary condition of the tools used, to prevent any inappropriate practices.
The Ministry has intensified its efforts in the inspection of various food service establishments to ensure their compliance with the necessary health requirements and regulations.
In addition to all of this, parks are being prepared to welcome visitors throughout the holidays.
The Ministry is constantly working on the development of gardens and play areas and the improvement of basic facilities which includes the installation of play equipment for children.