Indian election: BJP poised to stay in power

World Thursday 23/May/2019 11:29 AM
By: Times News Service
Indian election: BJP poised to stay in power

Muscat: Festivities have begun across Bharatiya Janata Party Headquarters in Delhi and their satellite offices across the country, as the trends in the 2019 Lok Sabha election results show that the party will gain the majority and hold on to power in India.

Although the final results have not been declared, the Amit Shah and Narendra Modi led National Democratic Alliance is poised to sweep the polls and form the new government.

A senior BJP official, on the condition of anonymity, said: “We knew that this was bound to happen. We knew that there was a Modi wave. I guess everybody was too busy dissing reality to know the truth.”

According to reports from the Election Commission of India, BJP is set to win more than the 272 seats it needs to be the single largest party in the country.

The Indian National Congress (INC) is trailing at number two with initial results indicating it will win in a little over 50 seats.

Sources at Raisina Hill, which houses Indian government’s main offices, say that the bureaucrats were unfettered in their belief that the Modi-led NDA will be forming the government again.

“We knew this was bound to happen. So, for us, it will be just another day at the office,” said a source there.

INC President Rahul Gandhi said in an interview that the Congress was battling more than just a ‘Modi-wave’.

“We do not even have the funds to compete with them (the BJP). But we are making the best with what we have,” he had previously admitted.

INC could not be reached for a comment on the results thus far but said that they will wait for the final results to be declared before they release any statement.

Even India’s stock market has hit one high after another as the initial result trends show that the BJP will be returning to power.