Three no-go zones for blue-collar migrant housing agreed upon

Energy Tuesday 14/May/2019 21:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Three no-go zones for blue-collar migrant housing agreed upon

Muscat: Three areas in and around Muscat will be designated ‘residential zones’ to prevent migrant blue collar workers living in residential communities.
A national committee has also been formed to introduce regulations for expat workers who currently live in residential areas in Oman.
The committee, led by the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water, will examine the social impact of single expat workers living in residential communities.
Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Shehi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, said: “A ministerial committee has been set up under the ministry to introduce regulations for the control of the expatriate labour force housing in residential areas.”
He added: “The committee raised its recommendations, including a number of regulations and proposals to the Council of Ministers.”
Al Shehi explained that the Council of Ministers would re-evaluate the study, taking into account all of the social consequences of blue-collar migrant workers living in residential communities.
The Majlis Al Shura held its second regular session of the fourth annual sitting on Tuesday, during which it discussed the issue, along with a number of ministerial responses to parliamentary questions submitted by members of the Shura Council. Earlier, the Municipal Council and Shura members had discussed whether single expatriate migrant workers working in industrial areas could be given their own purpose-built housing close to where they work.
Last year, several residential homes that were being used to house single expatriates were raided by Muscat Municipality (MM) and other authorities for violating local laws.
It was agreed that three areas - Boushar, Mabella and Amerat, would be designated “residential areas”, meaning no migrant workers could live in these areas.
“It is not permissible to build complexes or buildings for workers or bachelors in residential or commercial-residential areas, and it is not permissible to build a complex that combines family housing with housing for singles,” an official at the Muscat Municipality had said.