Simple hacks for fuller hair

T-Mag Thursday 02/May/2019 08:06 AM
By: Times News Service
Simple hacks for fuller hair

Unless you are a Disney Princess (they all have such good hair) or are just one of those outrageously curly ones, this is definitely for you; because who doesn’t want fuller manes, right? Here are seven hacks you can try right away.
Part on a different side: Want an instant root lift? Simply flip your hair from the side you usual part to the opposite. Yes, it might not stay that so you’ll have to bring in clips or hairspray eventually, but this trick works great if you’re posing for a quick photo.
Condition right: A mistake a lot of people make is they end up conditioning from root to tip. When you apply a lot of conditioner on your roots, it weighs your hair down. Remember the golden rule — shampoo your roots and condition the ends.
Layer it: Layers add dimension and can really make your hair look more voluminous. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even ask your stylist to add some streaks to make the layers stand out. We have to add though — the key here is a good hair stylist.
Clip the ponytail: Love high ponytails but hate the fact that it looks limp after sometime? Try this simple hack. Tuck a small hair clip between the top and bottom layer of your ponytail. It’ll give the illusion of a fuller ponytail. Just make sure the clip is well hidden.
Loose beach waves: If you have straight hair, the best way to make it look a little voluminous is to add some waves. You don’t necessarily need curling irons for this (though that would be a lot faster). An easy way to get beach waves naturally is to leave them in twisted locks overnight.
Tease a little: If you’re looking for a quick fix, backcombing will be your best friend. The only issue here is if you don’t know how to do it right (and undo it too) you’ll end up losing a ton of hair. Practice on smaller sections of your hair before going all out.
Root concealer: You’d be surprised to see the difference this makes. If you’ve got your hair pulled back, exposing thinning roots, make sure to cover it with some root concealer. Eye shadows also work great. It’ll instantly make those patches disappear and give you a fuller head.

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