#Omanpride: On a mission to create future Omani leaders

More sports Tuesday 19/January/2016 22:13 PM
By: Times News Service
#Omanpride: On a mission to create future Omani leaders

Muscat: Youth are striving for entrepreneurial changes in the Sultanate and that begins with creating young Omani leaders, who are capable of making positive changes that could contribute to the society, community and economy of Oman.
Today’s #Oman Pride campaign features Oman’s first President elect for AIESEC Oman, Zubaida Al Nadhairi, who quickly rose through the ranks in only three years to clinch the top position in the organisation.
AIESEC, which is originally the French acronym for Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (English for International Association for Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences), is the largest youth run organisation, which exists in over 126 countries, and aims to develop leadership and entrepreneurship skills among young students by providing them with relevant experiences in the country or abroad through the organisation’s exchange programme, memberships or conferences.
AIESEC Oman was established in 2007, but Al Nadhairi joined the organisation only three years ago in 2013 where she learned and gained skills until she decided she was ready to lead the organisation, which led to her being elected as President for the 2016-2017 term.
“My motivation is to create leaders in Oman; those who are capable of making a desired change in the country. Every student member in the organisation has given me the motivation to apply for the position,” said Al Nadhairi.
Organisations run by the youth often face challenges in gaining support from companies and educational firms to enhance the members’ skills and capabilities.
“The main challenge that we are facing is creating partnerships with companies is getting support for our projects,” said Al Nadhairi, adding, “But we are currently enhancing our products and projects to make sure we are delivering the best to our current partners.”
Al Nadhairi outlined her 2016-2017 plans ahead of starting her term as President, which begins this July, where she is planning to focus on forming partnerships with educational institutions in order to help the organisation develop Omani and non-Omani members’ leadership skills and capabilities, as well as establish strong partnerships with other organisations to “deliver the best actions towards the youth of Oman.”
She also plans to bring international trainees from different countries to enhance their organisational culture by direct interaction between the trainees and employees in the organisation, which adds new values to AIESEC.
Offering words or encouragement for the youth, Al Nadhairi said, “Never stop seeking new adventures or experiences in your life. Make sure you create a stamp in your life and others by volunteering and helping create an impact on society.”
“If you aim high, always believe that you will achieve it. Never give an excuse to yourself or allow the community to judge you or hesitate about what you are capable of doing, because we are going to build the future leaders of this country,” she further said.