Oman Post linked to over 150 firms worldwide: CEO

Energy Tuesday 29/January/2019 20:31 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Post linked to over 150 firms worldwide: CEO

Muscat: Oman Post is linked to more than 150 companies worldwide, its CEO Abdulmalik Al Balushi confirmed.
In a recent interview with Ithraa, he said, “We are a truly international company with linkages to more than 150 operators across the globe. We are now vying for more international businesses to expand our reach and diversify this segment of our operations into other postal products.”
Oman Post, an ASYAD member Company is currently undergoing a transformation, according to Al Balushi.
“Transformation for Oman Post comes in three parts. We want to make our operations leaner, faster and more innovative to increase our market share and competitive advantage. This also means a shift in the mindset and organisational culture,” he said.
“The Oman Post retail offices will also change to express the vibrant nature of our industry. We are also strongly focusing on customer service excellence to reimagine our relationship with consumers. Today, we aim at delivery within 24 hours in 15 cities in Oman and 48 hours across the whole country, with the exception of Musandam. This is a significant improvement in our delivery service standards,” added Al Balushi.
“Secondly, we are enhancing our logistics network. Our current network comprises 83 branches across the Sultanate, and we are looking at how we can enhance that to offer other products and services outside the traditional postal model. This is still being discussed and formulated but will undoubtedly offer greater capacity for Oman Post to serve the wider logistics sector,” he further added.
The third key, the CEO stated, was international growth, which the company was leveraging through its partnership with 150 companies around the world. Oman Post is also growing as an important player in e-commerce.
Al Balushi stated, “E-commerce is continuously growing and proving to be a catalyst for private sector development, increased trading opportunities, as well as economic diversification. It has given rise to what is often referred to as a ‘tsunami of parcels’, in which postal service delivery has a big role to play.”
“In fact, we not only see ourselves as important players in e-commerce, but also trade facilitation, enterprise development and as enablers of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.
This is in complete alignment and synergy with Oman’s Vision 2040, which centres on accelerating economic diversification and private development in manufacturing, logistics, tourism, fisheries and mining,” he said.
Digital disruption, however, does pose a number of challenges.
“More than any other industry, technological and digital disruption along with evolving customer needs has and will continue to question our relevance and existence. We do not view this as a threat, but on the contrary, an opportunity. We welcome these challenges as they continuously drive us to re-examine our offerings, re-engineer our business model and innovate,” Al Balushi added.