Madayn delegation visits Jubail Industrial City

Business Saturday 13/April/2019 16:22 PM
By: Times News Service
Madayn delegation visits Jubail Industrial City

Muscat: A delegation representing the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (Madayn), headed by its CEO Hilal bin Hamad Al Hasani visited recently the Royal Commission of Jubail at Jubail Industrial City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The visit aimed at getting acquainted with the major factors that have contributed to the success of the projects based in Jubail Industrial City including the geographical location, advanced infrastructure and diversity of existing industries, supported by figures and facts that highlight the achievements of the industrial city.
Hilal bin Hamad Al Hasani noted that the visit aims at getting familiarised with the experience of the Royal Commission of Jubail in the field of industrial city.
“This experience is recognised as an inspiring model at the local and international levels,” Al Hasani said, adding: “The visit also aims at facilitating the exchange of information and exploring ways of further cooperation between the two parts, especially that Jubail Industrial City is an integrated city that provides comprehensive services for the investors.”
The officials of Madayn elaborated more on the vision of Madayn which is to enhance Oman’s position as a leading regional centre of manufacturing, ICT, innovation and entrepreneurship excellence, and its mission to attract industrial investments and provide continued support, through regionally and globally competitive strategies, good infrastructure, value adding services, and easy governmental processes.
They also outlined the objectives of Madayn which include attracting foreign investments to the Sultanate and localising the national capital; contributing to stimulating the private sector to achieve sustainable economic and social development; achieving environmental sustainability; and contributing to the creation of new job opportunities for the national cadres.
The officials also gave a brief on Madayn’s investment arm – Shumookh Investment and Services, which was established in 2010 to develop infrastructure projects and encourage investments in Madayn’s industrial cities. The vision of Shumookh is to develop globally competitive industrial infrastructure in the industrial cities of Madayn and create the best environment for the growth of industries in Oman through the attraction of strategic partnerships to invest and implementation of diverse infrastructure development projects in the industrial cities pertaining to Madayn.
On their part, the officials of Jubail Industrial City discussed several aspects including an elaboration on the management of the Royal Commission of Jubail, its role and responsibilities. They also highlighted the integrated system of managing the major projects at the Royal Commission of Jubail, planning principles of industrial cities, project management, in addition to the main responsibilities of the operation and maintenance sector.