Sports manual for Indian school students in Oman released

Energy Tuesday 09/April/2019 21:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Sports manual for Indian school students in Oman released

Muscat: The Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman released a manual of physical education as well as e-magazines in six languages– English, Hindi, French, Arabic, Malayalam and Sanskrit, at a function organised at Indian School Darsait on April 2.
The sports manual aims at streamlining and bringing to the forefront health and physical education across the schools and it illustrates the activities for different classes in a structured and progressive manner.
Sports, games and physical activities in schools are important not only for the general well-being of the child, but also it leads to sharper and more creative mental faculties.
“Our schools need to inculcate sport and physical activities as a habit. This manual underlines our commitment to the inclusion of sports in the daily lives of our children. It aims to lay the foundation that will guide our schools, teachers and other resources to instil in our children an early love and affinity for physical activities,” Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel, Chairman, Board of Directors stated after releasing the Sports Manual for all Indian Schools.
Vinoba M.P., Senior Principal and Education Advisor stated that the manual is based on the syllabus prepared by the CBSE with the assistance of the Central Health Education and NCERT.
It is expected that the manual will not only develop interest of students in making further and advanced studies in the field of health education, but also acquire desirable health knowledge, skills, attitudes, practices and healthy habits which will be useful in their day to day life situations.
Mr. Sajit Kumar, Head of Department of Physical Education at Indian School Al Maabela and Coordinator of Sports Manual committee highlighted the salient features of the manual.
Sarasan, Head of Malayalam Department at Indian School Darsait underscored the significance of e-magazines for both staff and students alike.
The event also saw the launch of e-magazines in various languages. M.P. Vinoba, Senior Principal and Education Advisor released the English e-magazine and P. Prabakaran, Convener of Oman Chapter of Principals released the Hindi magazine. Sanskrit, Malayalam, French and Arabic magazines were released by the members of the Academic Sub-committee P. Tijare, Mr. Ajayakummar P., Jaikish Pavithran and SirajuddinNhelat respectively.
The e-magazines in six languages were each unique in their own way with regard to their lay-out, creativity and the opportunity given to the children of Indian Schools to be creative in their thought and expression. Every school has its own platform for creative and linguisticexpressions.But the language e-magazines brought out by the Board has compiled the best and the most remarkable literary expressions from different schools and made them available for wider readership.
In his message on the e-magazines, the Board Chairman elucidated the main objective of the publication of e-magazines: ”As the Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman, we strive to ensure that our children receive every opportunity possible to develop, enhance & showcase their skills.Our ultimate vision and aim, captured by Vision 2020, is to ensure that every child from our schools will undergo transformative learning and be equipped with the knowledge, skills and well-being to find their identity and purpose in life. It is in this light that we are launching annual E-magazines in various languages like English, Hindi, Malayalam, French, Sanskrit and Arabic to promote a love for the written word among our children.”
The programme was attended by the members of the Academic sub-committee of the Board of Directors, Principals, Vice Principals, Assistant Vice Principals, Heads of Departments and teacher coordinators of sports manual and language e-magazines.