Game of Thrones cast wow Tower of London visitors

World Monday 08/April/2019 19:11 PM
By: Times News Service
Game of Thrones cast wow Tower of London visitors

London: Visitors and tourists gathered at the famous Tower of London to watch the Changing the Guard ceremony were stunned when characters from the Game of Thrones suddenly appeared.

Emerging from the Blood Gate of the Tower of London, the army of the Night’s Watch marched with musicians from the Band of the Coldstream Guards and put on a dramatic sword performance. The military spectacle was orchestrated to celebrate the launch of the hotly anticipated final season of Game of Thrones, which will begin later this month.

The Tower of London which teems with almost a thousand years of history, provided the perfect historical backdrop for the stunt. The Night’s Watch, a military order who defend The Wall in the Game of Thrones kingdom, approached the iconic, British ceremonial parade from the doldrums of the Tower, shocking the assembled visitors who had been watching the Coldstream Guards Band.

The last defence against Westeros, as they are known in the television series, then displayed a specially choreographed march and battle-cry to the Game of Thrones tune played by the Band of the Coldstream Guards before disappearing back into the darkness of the Tower.