Book on yoga benefits released

Energy Monday 01/April/2019 19:58 PM
By: Times News Service
Book on yoga benefits released

Muscat: A book just released in the Sultanate celebrates the powerful ancient Indian practice of yoga and its formidable therapeutic technique surya namaskar (salutations to the sun).
Kavitha Ramakrishna’s book ‘Tamoghna’ was unveiled by Munu Mahawar, the Indian ambassador to the Sultanate, in the presence of prominent dignitaries from Oman and India. Yuthar Al Rawahy, founder of the Oman Cancer Association (OCA) and Dr Wahid Al Kharusi, president of OCA were special guests at the event.
The book ‘Tamoghna’, meaning ‘dispeller of darkness’, takes readers on a journey beyond the physical benefits of yoga and surya namaskar.
The extensively researched book touches on the history of yogic philosophy, the essence of yoga practice and deals specifically with the huge benefits of surya namaskar. Above all, the book infuses yoga practice with a deeper understanding of the elaborate connection of mind, body and spirit. Congratulating the author, Munu Mahawar said, “I am delighted to release the book, ‘Tamoghna’, which provides a wide-ranging overview of surya namaskar and its benefits. I would like to compliment Kavitha Ramakrishna for her determined efforts to promote yoga and its dynamic technique surya namaskar. The book will be useful for beginners as well as experienced practitioners.”
Yuthar Al Rawahy said, “Greetings to Kavitha on the publication of her book which deals with a significant topic connected to yoga. Studies have proved that therapeutic activities like yoga can help heal the mind and spirit. Research has proven that yoga provides mental, emotional, and physical benefits for patients with cancer. I am certain that the book will help many people. I would like to commend Kavitha for having the discipline to complete this book on a vital subject.”
Speaking about the book Kavitha said, “I thank the Indian ambassador for launching the book. It is the culmination of years of demanding work. Comprehensively grounded in yoga’s philosophical foundations, the book ‘Tamoghna’ balances applicable and relevant information on surya namaskar which is a vibrant technique within the yogic repertoire. The book also focuses on the significance of performing sun salutation 108 times and how it can invigorate the body physically and hone the mind mentally.”
Kavitha, who is regular practitioner of yoga, says, “I handpicked this particular topic because I consider yoga as an invaluable gift from ancient India to the world. My mission was to draw attention to how to maximise the benefits of yoga by including the technique of surya namaskar into people’s daily routine. I hope as many people as possible benefit from the practice of surya namaskar which revitalises every aspect of one’s being from physical to spiritual.”