‘Fragrance’ of ROHM bottled just for you

Energy Saturday 30/March/2019 20:51 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: Visitors to the Royal Opera House Muscat will soon be able to take away even more than a priceless memory by buying a perfume that was specially crafted for them.
Roja Dove, one of the world’s most respected perfumers and the creator of Roja Parfums, has exclusively created a fragrance for the Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM).
The fragrance, Lakmé, designed to reflect the exotic floral and east- meets- west cultural references inherent in Léo Delibes’ stunning opera, comprises of rose and iris, evocative of ‘The Flower Duet’, with lily-of-the-valley, the bell-shaped flower, paying homage to the exquisite ‘Bell Aria’.
Talking to Times of Oman about how the collaboration came about, Dove said: “I was utterly delighted when I was approached by the Royal Opera House Muscat to create a scent for their new production of Lakmé. The opera has so many references, indirectly, to perfumery so it has been a very natural and beautiful collaboration to be a part of.”
“I was particularly delighted to work on this project as I adore opera. I have not counted, but I think I have around 350 different recordings of various operas. I try to go whenever the opportunity comes my way.”
“So, the idea of being able to create a scent to celebrate a new production of such a famous opera as Lakmé was too good to miss, and the idea of being able to do it for a production which will take place in the Royal Opera House Muscat which is next to the Royal Opera House Mall – where the world’s very first Roja Parfums boutique was opened - was just too magical and too special an opportunity.”
He added that it was impossible to create this perfume without the use of the world’s finest Frankincense which comes from Salalah, and using it was to pay homage to Oman.
“I love Oman,” he revealed. “It is one of my favourite countries to visit. When visiting, I always book myself a little extra time – just for me – to take-in the hospitality and warmth of the people, and the beauty of the country itself.”
“It is impossible to imagine creating this perfume without Frankincense,” added Dove. “We owe Oman a great debt of gratitude because the world’s finest Frankincense comes from Salalah. I included Frankincense to pay homage to Oman, and to thank the country for always welcoming me with open arms.”