18 major projects to be developed in Karachi

World Saturday 30/March/2019 17:28 PM
By: Times News Service
18 major projects to be developed in Karachi

Muscat: A Rs. 162 billion package has been allocated for projects in Karachi, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced.

The money will be used to develop 18 mega projects in the metropolis.

Khan said, "The country cannot move forward until Karachi is developed, the whole country suffered because Karachi’s development was halted."

"The government will also launch sewerage and water projects in the port city. No initiative had been taken before in order to save water, but the government is taking the initiative and will soon launch a campaign in this regard."

Khan stated, "We will initiate 10 transport projects in the city and will also launch water projects.”

Khan, who made the announcement during an official visit to Karachi, also inaugurated the Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim during his time in the city.

On the occasion, he said Karachi had previously been full of open and green spaces that had since been taken over in land grabs.

While the number of parks and green areas in Karachi had decreased, he reaffirmed his commitment to preserving what remained and developing new ones.

According to Khan, his government is aiming to plant 10 billion trees in next five years will also include planting of more trees in Karachi and other cities of Sindh.

Future generations, he stated, would not forgive them if steps were not taken to improve the environment.