Call for more power to municipal bodies

Energy Sunday 24/March/2019 21:21 PM
By: Times News Service
Call for more power to municipal bodies

Muscat: Majlis Al Shura yesterday hosted Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Shehi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, who delivered a statement of his ministry.
The statement revolved around five main themes covering various aspects including: sectoral policies, public policies, municipal services fees, modern system and technologies in the municipal services, in addition to the coordination of the ministry with the bodies concerned with municipal services, and supporting activities.
This came during the 9th regular session of the fourth annual sitting (2018-2019) for the eighth term (2015-2019), under the chair of Khalid bin Hilal Al Ma’awali, Chairman of Majlis Al Shura.
Overlapping prerogatives
Majlis Al Shura’s members presented their comments and inquiries about the contents of the statement. Their comments focused on overlapping in prerogatives of the municipal councils.
They also called on the minister to have a vision for the Ministry of Municipalities to develop the administrative and coordination work of these councils. They called for reconsidering the municipal councils law and giving them powers and independence.
It is worth mentioning that the Majlis Al Shura will today continue discussing the statement of the Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources during its 10th regular session.