A’soud Global School to promote Arabic language studies

Energy Saturday 23/March/2019 22:18 PM
By: Times News Service
A’soud Global School to promote Arabic language studies

Muscat: Arabic language studies are to be promoted within the International British Curriculum of A’soud Global School in Muscat from the start of the next academic year.
The school currently offers Arabic as a first or second language to its 64-nationality group of students, with one third being from Oman and other Arab nations.
From the next academic year, the school intends to promote Arabic as an additional language at the IGCSE level, offered in conjunction with the core curriculum undertaken by all students.
Due to the foresight of the Ministry of Education, pupils from Arabic speaking nations are mandated to study Arabic, social studies and Islamic studies.
These subjects allow them to stay in touch with their heritage, when undertaken alongside their IGCSE subjects.
From Grade 9, students can benefit from the added option of undertaking these two subjects in either English or Arabic.
This blended learning approach of the Arabic and English education systems has allowed A’soud Global School to meet a wide range of needs for both Arab and expatriate students.
Darren Lyon, Headmaster of A’soud Global School, said: “By offering our international students as much exposure to local culture and history as possible, we allow them to develop an appreciation for the country, as well as the opportunities it can provide. As the school moves towards the new academic year, there are a number of on-campus initiatives scheduled to take place - from the annual Oman National Day celebrations in November, to Arabic Language Day where Arabic speaking and non-native students perform pieces in Arabic for the school.
At AGS, students are given every opportunity to delve deeper into the rich, local culture of Oman.”