Modi accuses Congress of corruption, 'dynastic politics'

World Wednesday 20/March/2019 13:45 PM
By: Times News Service
Modi accuses Congress of corruption, 'dynastic politics'

Muscat: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accused the Indian National Congress (INC) party of corruption and dynastic politics in a recent blog post.

Modi wrote, "In the summer of 2014, the people voted decisively for: Honesty over dynasty. Development over decay. Security over stagnation. Opportunities over obstacles. Vikas over vote-bank politics. Indians were tired of our beloved nation being in the Fragile Five, where corruption, cronyism and nepotism made headlines instead of anything positive.

"Congress has always seen the defence sector as a source of income which is why the armed forces never got the respect from the Congress that they deserved. After 1947, every Congress government has seen multiple defence scams. They began with jeeps and then moved to guns, submarines and helicopters. Every middleman is linked to one family," he claimed.

Modi's attack on Congress comes as India prepares for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

The Prime Minister also attacked Congress for Indira Gandhi's period of emergency rule.

"The Emergency made the nation a prison overnight. Even to express was to commit sin. The 42nd Amendment put curbs on the courts, covering the Parliament and more," he wrote.

"The Congress has imposed Article 356 almost a hundred times, with Mrs. Indira Gandhi herself doing so about fifty times. If they did not like a state government or leader the government was dismissed."

Modi also accused Congress of using the Central Bank of India (CBI) to persecute officials in the opposition, saying it became "the Congress Bureau of Investigation- it was used time and again on political parties just before crucial parliamentary votes."