Venezuela suffers nationwide blackout

World Sunday 10/March/2019 08:14 AM
By: Times News Service
Venezuela suffers nationwide blackout

Muscat: Over a dozen Venezuelan states went dark as power outages hit the country.

According to reports, 18 of the country’s 23 states as well as the capital district faced complete power outages. The main airport in Caracas was also without power. In some places, power was out for as long as 36 hours.

Joshua Goodman, Andean News Director at the Associated Press, wrote, “Blackouts have become frequent in Venezuela of late, it never seen the likes of this.”

Opposition figures accused the government of Nicholas Maduro of being responsible.

Opposition leader,Juan Guaido, said, “This blackout demonstrates the inefficiency of the usurper. The recovery of the electricity sector and the country will come with the end of the usurpation.”

Authorities in the US accused the socialist government of destroying the Venezuela’s infrastructure.

Speaking to the press, US Special Representative Elliot Abrams, said, “The nationwide power outages throughout Venezuela are a reminder the country’s once-sophisticated infrastructure has been plundered, allowed to decay under Maduro’s misrule.”

USAID Administrator Mark Green,said, “Massive blackouts in Venezuela, anther tragic reminder of how Maduro has destroyed the power grid and energy sector,” adding “Venezuelans deserve better.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted the following warning, “No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro.”