Oman’s pavilion draws huge crowd at ITB Berlin

Energy Wednesday 06/March/2019 19:58 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman’s pavilion draws huge crowd at ITB Berlin

Berlin: Ahmad bin Nasser Al Mahrazi, Minister of Tourism, saw the Sultanate’s pavilion at the International Travel Bourse (ITB) Berlin, the largest tourism exhibition in the world, on Wednesday.
The tourism products and services of 181 participant countries being showcased.
Al Mahrazi listened to the briefings of the participating Omani tourism establishments and hotels about the services and facilities which they provide to the tourists in the Sultanate.
These Omani tourism establishments and hotels were showcasing their products and services in a pavilion.
He also listened to briefings about the offers presented by the hotel establishments throughout the year and the tourist packages they offer to the tourist groups coming from various markets.
The hotel establishments and tourism companies participated in the exhibition showcasing their efforts they are making to promote tourist seasons and their marketing offers to attract tourists from the tourist markets.
Ahmed Al Mahrazi appreciated the participation of tourist companies of the Sultanate in ITB Berlin.
It was part of the efforts being made for private and public partnerships in tourism sector of the country and find avenues for cooperation between them.
He also lauded the participation of these Omani tourism companies in international events related to the tourist industry. He said that presence of these companies in such platforms open up more horizons of development of tourism.
The ministry also had a praise of those who work for introduction of Omani tourism products and services at the international level.
He said that it was important to promote tourism wherever the opportunity comes. The Ministry of Tourism was leaving no stone unturned to ensure presence of Oman in all tourism markets, marketing in conventional and social media, he said.
All efforts are made to introduce Omani tourism and all its season everywhere in the world. The hotels and tourism companies were contributing effectively in the promotion of offers and services to attract large scale tourism flow, he added.
Al Mahrazi urged Omani companies to learn from the experience of similar international tourism firms, particularly in the area of management of facilities and services.
as well as find opportunities for partnerships with them to provide quality tourism services meeting all its requirements.
Ahmad Al Mahrazi participated in the opening of the ITB Berlin yesterday evening. The ceremony was attended by ministers of the participating countries as well as by major tourism companies of the world.
Lyutha Bint Sultan Al Mughairy, ambassador of the Sultanate to Germany, expressed her appreciation for the Omani tourism components being showcased at th exhibition. These Omani tourism elements included those which are natural, cultural and of heritage in nature. She also listened to what was explained to her in regards with he participation of hotels, tourism companies and their promotional offers.
Lauding Oman’s participation in such international tourism exhibitions, Ambassador Lyutha Al Mughairy said that it helped in promoting tourism in the Sultanate.
She lauded the efforts made by the Ministry of Tourism to promote the tourism sector in the German market, which is one of the most important tourism markets. The Omani Tourism Office and participation in exhibitions in Germany playing pivotal role in ensuring forceful presence of the Sultanate as major tourism destination in the market.
Visitors flocked to the pavilion of Oman in ITB Berlin to know about the tourism components of the country, both natural and historical. They listened to the explanation of some of the cultural landmarks of the country. The representatives of tourism companies briefed the visitors about their offers related to hotel facilities in Oman as well as facilities they provided to attract tourists.
The exhibition was also visited by Michael Muller, the Mayor of Berlin, a number of ministers of tourism and who’s who of the tourism industry. They also reviewed the components of the exhibition, and the diverse environment and heritage and cultural elements which were showcased at the occasion.
Four small and medium enterprises of the tourism sector were also present in the ITB Berlin their experiences in the tourism sector. They also showcased their experience in the tourism sector of the Sultanate and displayed their work and services.
Oman has a huge presence in the ITB Berlin with 44 tourism companies, Oman Air and Oman Airports company. This is in addition to four SMEs as an effort of the Ministry of Tourism to enhance their participation in the tourism sector and to give them opportunity to learn from the experiences of various companies in the area of management of tourist facilities.
The hotels and tourist companies which are participating in the ITB Berlin lauded the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism to enable them to be present in the international exhibitions. This is to provide them opportunities to introduce their offers and services and learn from the experiences of other countries of the world. They said that the participation in such international exhibitions was of huge importance for promotion and marketing of the Sultanate and hotel facilities.
They pointed out such participants helped them in learning the methods used for tourism promotions in the era of revolution in information and modern technology.
The German tourist market is one of the most important markets for the Sultanate. The number of German tourists who visited the Sultanate in the year 2018 was 64,559.