Little things even the strong, independent woman would love

T-Mag Wednesday 06/March/2019 17:52 PM
By: Times News Service
Little things even the strong, independent woman would love

If you’ve got strong, independent women in your life, it’s time to show them that you admire their spirit. Here are 7 things to do over the next week to show them just how much you care.

An honest compliment
Let’s re-emphasize on the word ‘honest’. The strong, independent woman definitely gets ample words of flattery, but it’s the honest, sometimes unexpected compliments from loved ones that really count.

Appreciation for things that go unnoticed
There’s a lot that these women do that often go unnoticed because they’re too busy actually getting things done to brag about it. Take a few minutes to observe these little things. Like the family pictures she gets framed every year, the laundry basket that’s never left overflowing or the squeaky clean showcases – these things are often overlooked, but it’s dutifully taken care of every time.

Some pampering
Secretly, they all want the occasional ‘being fussed over’. Breakfast in bed, a spa treat or a well-planned evening where she gets to let her hair down – loving gestures like these are always welcome, even if she says she doesn’t need it. Just make sure you check her schedule before you plan!

Pep talk
Even the strong woman needs to be occasionally told just how amazing she is. If you ever notice her looking a little blue, sit her down and count all her wonderful achievements. A little morale boost is all she needs at times to get back on track.

Acknowledgment of her softer side
First of all, no matter how tough, strict and sometimes even uptight these women might seem on the surface, there’s a loving side to them which they might not always prefer to show in the most conventional ways. Letting them know that you can see past this and acknowledging the softer side which they tend to hide will not only surprise them a little but will surely warm their hearts.

Being asked questions
Ask them about their work and listen intently. There’s nothing that a woman passionate about what she does would love to talk about more. However, that’s only half of the deal. She can tell if you aren’t really listening. Know the difference between being a good conversationalist and coming off like an interrogator.

Getting a chore done
Identify a pending errand and offer to do it for her. Want to score higher? There are always those unpleasant chores that even the responsible woman ends up putting off; get it done as a surprise. She would probably appreciate it more than a bouquet.

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