Multilingual Omani tour guides woo tourists

T TV Wednesday 06/March/2019 16:45 PM
By: Times News Service

Omani tour guides are now learning new languages to meet the needs of those visitors who prefer having tour guides who can converse in their language.
“In 2018, the Ministry issued 113 tour guide licences, including 54 general guides, 44 local tour guides and one specialist guide and 14 temporary guides. There were 107 licensed English instructors, 7 renewals for German, 4 French speakers and one Russian, Italian and Japanese instructors each.” - Engr. Mohamed Bin Mahmoud Al Zadjali, Ministry of Tourism
He added that there is a growing demand among Omani girls in this profession as tour guides.
The Ministry has licensed 14 tourist guides in last two years, stressing that it pays attention to hiring from both the genders.