Oman reported more than 1,300 residential building fires in 2018

Business Wednesday 06/March/2019 15:36 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman reported more than 1,300 residential building fires in 2018

Muscat: More than 1,300 fires in residential buildings were reported in 2018, according to the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA).
Brigadier Salim bin Yahya Al Hinai, director general of PACDA said, “The main causes of residential fires include poor storage, poor electrical connections, failing to maintain fire extinguishing equipment, fuel leakage and welding spark”
Al Hinai added, “There were also very serious fires on light and heavy vehicles last year due to the failure of the driver or owner of the vehicle to follow safety procedures. Failing to maintain the vehicle, overloading, driving for long distances without stopping, and installing additional equipment on the vehicle which does not fit with its design and specifications can all cause fires.”
He explained that the chances of this type of fire is usually increased during the summer due to high temperatures and overloading transformers as well as the lack of periodic inspection of gas cylinders.
“PACDA is responsible for following up the application of safety requirements in public and private establishments. Some owners of these establishments are alerted due to the failure of their institutions to comply with the safety and fire protection requirements that have been put in place to protect facilities,” he went on stressing that facility owners were legally obliged to abide by these regulations.