Adding spaces that provide tranquility of nature

Lifestyle Sunday 24/February/2019 22:16 PM
By: Times News Service
Adding spaces that provide tranquility of nature

Outdoor living continues to grow as homeowners who own villas and individual homes with lawns dream of adding spaces that provide tranquility, connection and touches of nature. More than just a home enhancement, these spaces are meant to inspire people to set digital devices aside and find moments of calm while making memories with friends and family.
If you are lucky to have one such home now is the perfect time to plan updates to outdoor living areas to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. Here are some top outdoor design trends that you should consider for your home.
Blurring of indoor and outdoor areas
Beyond windows and patio doors, home designs are truly blending indoor and outdoor areas thanks to features like folding walls and collapsible screens. For example, imagine a family room that opens up completely to an outdoor patio for easy entertaining, made possible by retractable walls plus smart lighting and strategic heating and cooling sources for seasonal comfort. These types of integrated spaces make the backyard a one-of-a-kind extension of the home.
Clean lines and contemporary style
Modern lines are a top interior design trend and it is expanding into outdoor living spaces, offering a seamless visual transition. Contemporary style with clean lines, textures and shapes have taken over more traditional styles, particularly among younger homeowners. Modular, large-format pavers embrace this trend and are expected to continue to increase in popularity, with smoother textures gaining traction.
Monochromatic and “greige” tones
The contemporary trend also leans toward monochromatic colour schemes. Grey continues to be popular, with the growing trend of “greige” - blends of grey and beige tones. These muted hues blend seamlessly with the landscape, plus they allow homeowners to use strategic pops of colour with furniture and flowers to create customized spaces that reflect their personalities perfectly.
Outdoor kitchens and fire features
In an effort to make outdoor spaces an authentic extension of the home, livability is a priority. That means outdoor kitchens and fire features continue to be a top trend. Kitchen additions like pizza ovens are reflective of the foodie movement, while fire features using gas fuel rather than wood are reflective of the desire for convenience, plus they are a good fit for many municipal regulations.
Sustainability is king
As more homeowners are prioritising green living, outdoor designs that become a part of the local ecosystem are in high demand. This could include planting to support pollinators and integrating edible landscape into the design. Water features are growing in popularity, used to add a tranquil element to outdoor spaces while masking unwanted sounds, such as traffic or other noise pollution.
Visualization of designs
Partnering with the right designer is key to achieving the outdoor space of your dreams. More homeowners are asking for 3D designs in order to properly conceptualise a space before it is brought to life through construction.
Small footprint designs
Outdoor living isn’t just for homeowners with large properties. Houses with small footprints are adding impressive outdoor spaces in surprising places. This could be maximis---ing alleyway access, adding a courtyard to a small backyard, or shifting the focus by utilising the front yard to create a patio and fireplace area. If you long for an outdoor living space, don’t let space constraints limit your dreams. -BPT