Video: Omanis rescue goat stuck on cliff for more than two weeks

Energy Wednesday 20/February/2019 12:56 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: After three hours of hard work locals managed to rescue a goat stuck in the top of a rocky cliff in the Musandam Governorate for more than two weeks.

According to locals, the goat was stuck on the cliff for between 14 and 20 days, because most people cannot climb it due to the risk it poses due to its dangerous geographical nature.
30-year-old Najim Al Khamzari was the hero of the rescue operation. Al Khamzari said, "I received a call from my friend, who asked me to help to rescue the goat as he knows I am skilled at climbing mountains."

The mountain is very dangerous as the rocks are not stable and are likely to fall at any time, and according to Najim, only three citizens from the governorate are able and skilled enough to climb this type of mountain.

Al Kamzari said: "At 1pm I started to fix the ropes and after two hours of work I managed to reach the goat site which is located at a height of 80 metres and at 4 pm we finished the rescue operation," He added: "I feel comfortable because I helped to save the lives of the goats."