Sohar Port signs pact for new tugboat vessels

Business Tuesday 05/February/2019 15:53 PM
By: Times News Service
Sohar Port signs pact for new tugboat vessels

Muscat: In cooperation with Svitzer, Sohar Port and Freezone, recently signed a charter agreement for five new tugboat vessels to replace the existing tugboat fleet and provide 24/7 operational support for vessel movements in and around the rapidly expanding port.
The marine service agreement was signed at the annual business reception on January 23, between Dr Mohammed Nasser Ali Al Zaabi, Chairman of the Board at Sohar Port and Freezone, and Henriette Hallberg Thygesen, CEO of Svitzer.
“Sohar Port and Freezone has seen significant growth in port operations and vessel calls over the course of 2018. To keep up with the ever-increasing developments, the provision of tugboats for safe and efficient navigation is vital for our operational capability. According to this agreement, Svitver will be responsible for supplying, manning, managing, operating and maintaining five tugboats at Sohar Port on a continuous 24 hour operational cycle to ensure safe manoeuvrability for incoming vessels," Mark Geilenkirchen, CEO of Sohar Port and Freezone, said.
"This also includes the provision of the tugboats, maintenance and the presence of skilled sailing crew, whilst simultaneously adhering to the HSSE and environmental standards in place at Sohar Port. We are extremely proud to be collaborating with Svitzer once again, which is the leading provider of marine services with over 430 vessels in operation globally,” he added.
A tugboat is a type of vessel that helps move other vessels by either pushing or pulling them by direct contact or a tow line. Tugboats are generally used to assist vessels that are restricted in their ability to manoeuvre on their own, such as in the case of ships in a crowded harbour or a narrow canal, or to move stationary vessels, like barges.
Thygesen said, “Svitzer is globally renowned for being able to mitigate the harshest weather conditions, alongside being able to moderate any unforeseen circumstance at sea. We are committed to always provide assistance to our clients in any scenario."
"In line with this commitment and together with Sohar Port and Freezone, we seek to provide reliable and safe navigation for vessels, as and when it is needed, while maintaining only the highest safety standards,” he added.
The contract will have a duration period of 15 years with the delivery of the first tugboats expected on August 1, 2020.
With roots stretching back nearly two centuries, Svitzer has provided safety and support at sea through globally renowned operations. A specialist in emergency preparedness & response, wreck removal, and offshore decommissioning, the company boasts a global network to deliver delivering safe, economical and innovative maritime solutions. With over 4,000 employees, a fleet of 430 vessels, an experience of 180 years, and a strong heritage, Svitzer is the global market leader in towage and emergency response.