Guangxi Arts Troupe at Muscat Festival dazzles audience

Energy Sunday 03/February/2019 19:13 PM
By: Times News Service
Guangxi Arts Troupe at Muscat Festival dazzles audience

Muscat: Visitors to the Muscat Festival witnessed breathtaking performances from the Guangxi Arts Troupe, which performed for the first time in the Sultanate at Naseem Public Park. The troupe put on a remarkable show with traditional Chinese music, drawing applause from the crowd.
It featured artistic paintings in motion from its two members, who worked together in incredible feats of strength and dexterity, as well as with ironclad skills of body control. Their acrobatic skills took place hand-in-hand with Chinese musical instruments and the beating of bamboo sticks.
Visitors were captivated by the hour-long show, which exposed them to a part of the deep Chinese heritage, music, and performance arts, mixed with lighting effects and stage props, as well as costumes.
The performance took place as a result of the efforts from the entertainment committee and in coordination with the embassy of the People’s Republic of China and the Oman China Friendship Association. The troupe is also one of the most prolific ones in Guangxi and was established more than 60 years ago. It has also visited over 40 countries and regions in the world and played a dynamic role in the cultural exchange between China and other regions by performing at festivals and events.
On the Arab side, visitors to the festival had a chance to watch the Kuwaiti play, “The Bats”, which featured an incredible performance and an innovative look at fantasy elements produced in the Arab world.
Other Muscat Festival events were also popular, as visitors began pouring in just after the gates opened for the day’s events. The cultural village saw many visitors who were shown a part of traditional Omani life both in the Bedouin and marine lifestyles, and a glimpse of Omani handcrafted goods and arts.