Ill-fitting shoes can really ruin a day

T-Mag Wednesday 23/January/2019 11:44 AM
By: Times News Service
Ill-fitting shoes can really ruin a day

Take the effort to actually measure the size of your feet instead of searching the soles of your shoes for a number. Most shoe stores would be happy to assist you with that, and they’ll be able to suggest you the right fit too. It’s actually advisable to check it every once in a while. Even if we’ve stopped growing taller, the size of our feet does change with age.
Understand that different types of shoes might require you to try different sizes. Just because a 38 fits just right when slipping into a pair of sneakers, it doesn’t mean it would hold true for a pair of high heels. It’s not a dress, so you don’t have to hesitate to go a size larger – you can’t put your feet on a diet.
Shapes do matter. Though you can stuff your feet into a pair of uncomfortable shoes and no one would be able to tell by simply looking at your legs (unlike clothes), the discomfort will show on your face, or worse, in your strides. If you have wide feet especially, it’s essential that you pay heed to the size as well as the shape. Moving up a size probably won’t help in this case. The width to length ratio is important. If the fit is narrow, the next pair would just be longer but not significantly wider.
Once you feel it fits alright, walk around with the shoes for a while. See if it slips from the back, hurts your toes or applies uncomfortable pressure at any other point. We often think we can break into new shoes after wearing it for a while and the shopkeeper might just say it will ‘open up’ eventually. But it’s not a roommate, it’s a shoe – and the truth is, if it hurts at the store, it will continue to hurt later on.
Do a few feet-and-shoe tests. These quick and easy hacks are real life-savers. The half-inch test says that there should be a half-inch space between the longest toe and the inner side of your shoe allowing you to be able to wiggle your toes. If you’re buying heels, do a quick heel test to find out if the shoe is too tight or fits right (it’s not an indicator if it is loose). Simply stand straight and try to pull your heels out of the shoes. If the shoe slips out without a struggle, it means they aren’t tight.
Shoe soles are easy to analyze, unlike human souls. Shoes need to be sturdy enough to protect your feet – that is the real purpose of it, it’s not just a fashion statement. Ensure that the insoles have adequate padding and give your feet the necessary support.
Identify your occasion. Even the most comfortable pair of stilettos will fail you if you wear it to the beach. Not just that, shoes that aren’t in sync with the event also qualify as a fashion blunder.
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