Management tips for government officials

Energy Tuesday 22/January/2019 21:35 PM
By: Times News Service
Management tips for government officials

Muscat: The first stage of the 3rd Government Competency Programme started at the Inter-Continental Hotel yesterday.
The programme is implemented by the Ministry of Civil Service in cooperation with the Institute of Public Administration and Competence HR Company.
This stage includes a programme entitled “Strategic Management” presented by Dr. Yasar Jarrar, Vice Chair, Global Agenda Council on the Future of Government, World Economic Forum which addresses various aspects of strategic planning.
The Programme is one of the most important administrative programmes dealing with human resources development, as it is a top priority in the planning process, with 44 participants from the directors general category and their equivalents in various units of the administrative apparatus of the state.
In general, the programme aims to develop leading figures with high potential for change by acquiring many skills, including understanding the government sector, developments in the management of government institutions, and studying the best international practices in transforming the governmental sector into an effective and responsive sector.
The programme will include a number of workshops on professional and personal skills, field trips to learn from the private sector in government services, and meetings with leading figures in the Sultanate.