Oman LNG clocks new safety record

Business Sunday 20/January/2019 18:44 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman LNG clocks new safety record

Muscat: With safety as the centrepiece of its operations, Oman LNG has announced a remarkable milestone of thirty million man-hours worked without a Lost-Time Injury (LTI).
The new record reflects nearly three thousand and two hundred days (30 million man-hours) or almost nine complete calendar years without casualty to any of its personnel, signposting the company’s continuing vigorous attention to the safety and health of employees and contractors.
The latest milestone enunciates the company’s unrelenting strides towards establishing a culture of safety that is embraced by its people to guide efficient operations of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) production and export business.
Lost-Time Injury (LTI) is used as a measure of safety in the work place and generally refers to a work-related injury or illness that occurs when a person is injured in the execution of his/her duties and as a result, that individual is unable to work on a subsequent scheduled work day or shift.
The nature of the global energy industry, with key operations and functions, often requiring the performance of delicate tasks which involve the handling of heavy machinery and chemicals by personnel, have placed increasing emphasis on the need for safety and due care in the workplace to safeguard lives.
Besides normal day-to-day functions, operators in the industry often contend with periods of intense activities at their work sites geared towards maintaining efficiency and keeping production outputs stable in meeting the world’s demand for energy.
Oman LNG advocates a general mindset of “Chronic Unease” as a safety policy to combat complacency, defined simply as a state of remaining fastidious regarding health, safety and the environment (HSE) that drives continuous improvement.
Beyond these efforts, Oman LNG’s processes meet the highest of ISO standards, which are proudly maintained every year. In 2011, the company not only retained ISO certifications for its world-class operations but also earned the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) Certification, the BS - OHSAS 18001:2007, that assists organisations reduce risks linked to occupational health and safety in the work environment as they relate to employees, customers and the general public. More recently, Oman LNG was awarded ‘The Most Exceptional Contribution to HSSE’ during the 3rd International LNG Summit 2018 in addition to receiving the ASSE GCC HSE Excellence Award 2018.
“On behalf of the Board and Management, I would like to take this opportunity, to congratulate all staff and contractors on this unprecedented safety accomplishment. Our safety record has remained unbroken and for that we have to thank both a resilient company culture and the efforts of personnel across the entire supply chain. Behind this achievement stands a solid safety culture, exemplary safety leadership and management support, personal ownership of HSE and commitment for continuous improvement.” said Harib Kitani, Oman LNG’s Chief Executive Officer, addressing staff and contractors on the new record, while calling for continued observance of safe practices to reach new milestone heights.
“The latest accomplishment restates Oman LNG’s strong commitment to HSE and its adherence to safe work practices, and demonstrates our collective commitment to constantly focus on health, safety. In safety, every moment counts and every person has a role. Let us maintain this spirit through strong commitment in our day to day output,” said Moosa Al Habsi, Senior Health, Safety and Environment Manager at Oman LNG.
Its attainment of thirty million man-hours without LTI notably comes after a few months in which it carried out an elaborate shutdown activity, whereby an unusually high number of personnel are working on the premises to carry out critical repair and maintenance of machinery that facilitate the liquefaction of natural gas. Such intensive activity typically has a much higher potential for accidents if proper precautions are not put in place and consistently emphasised.
The company also drives ceaseless efforts to support the environment through the sponsoring of various initiatives such as the Turtle Reserve in Ras al Jinz near Sur boasting one of the world’s largest breeding grounds for Greenback Turtles.
As a company, our responsibility to our staff, contractors and the community is to provide an environment for them to come to work and return home to their families, safely every day.