1,705 household activities registered in 2018

Business Saturday 19/January/2019 15:22 PM
By: Times News Service
1,705 household activities registered in 2018

Muscat: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) said that the number of household activities registered from the beginning of January until the end of December 2018 was 1,705.
These activities included 35 activities of sewing and stitching women's abayas; 37 activities of drying and packing dates, grapes and figs and making their products; 27 activities of packaging and wrapping of gifts; 19 from the field of renting of dresses and footwear (Including wedding dresses); four in the area of bakeries; 134 of hairdressing and women’s cosmetics; 10 of making fatayer of all types; and six of retailing of flowers and natural plants. They also included four activities of manufacturing biscuits of all kinds; 443 activities of stitching of Arab and non-Arab women's dresses; 46 activities of kitchens of ceremonies and celebrations; 29 of making traditional bread, cakes and pastries; 804 of manufacturing and processing of incense; 18 activities of photocopying and printing of documents; 17 activities of fast food stores; 21 activities of cake making; 34 of manufacturing of perfumes for personal use; 16 of event management; and one activity involving the manufacturing of frankincense water and oil.
The MoCI said that household works could be practiced by citizens in their homes as sources of income to help them meet their daily requirements. These works are also considered as small projects, which increase the income of the owners and prepare citizens to expand to open shops and small and medium enterprises in the future, which in turn will contribute to the national economy.