Mwasalat adds new stops to Muscat-Dubai bus route

Oman Saturday 19/January/2019 20:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Mwasalat adds new stops to Muscat-Dubai bus route

Muscat: Citizens and expats in Oman will now have more options while travelling to Dubai as Mwasalat has announced additional stops in the UAE on their Muscat-Dubai bus route.
Starting from January 21, Oman’s National Transport Company (Mwasalat) said that the bus would now stop at Abu Hail station, Dubai International Airport, and Al Rashidiya metro station in Dubai.
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The route will be taken three times a day at 6.20am, 3.20pm, and 11.20pm from Al Athaiba bus stop in Muscat. The route will cover Muscat International Airport, Burj Al Sahwa, Al Maabela, Al Mussanah, Al Suwaiq, Sohar, and Shinas before crossing the UAE border.
According to the operator, the one-way fare from Muscat to Dubai to any of the three mentioned stops in Dubai will be OMR5.5. Fares from Wajajah and Shinas will be OMR2, from Sohar and Saham OMR3, from Al Khaburah and Al Suwaiq OMR4, and from Barka and Mussanah OMR4.5.
The round-trip from Muscat to Dubai will cost OMR9, while from Wajajah and Shinas it will be OMR3.5, from Sohar and Saham OMR5.5, from Al Khaburah and Al Suwaiq OMR7, and from Barka and Mussanah OMR8.
Speaking exclusively to Times of Oman, Ahmed Sultan, an Egyptian businessman based in Muscat, said that with the additional routes announced by Mwasalat in Dubai, it would save him a good amount of money on the commute of his workers.
“As a relatively small lighting business owner in Muscat, I have to analyse the cost quarterly. And we spend a big chunk on the travel of some of our employees from the department of purchasing to bring in certain goods from Dubai every now and then. Because the flight ticket and visa cost us a fortune, the team would usually commute by car and would be exhausted by the end of the day. But now, I think everyone will be taking the bus which will not only spare them the hassle of driving but will also save us a good amount spent on gas,” Sultan added.
Another Pakistani expat based in Muscat for nearly four years said that she is super excited about the announcement as she could now book flights directly from Dubai instead of transit.
“I absolutely love travelling and often, I would book a certain flight and it would have a layover for hours at the Dubai International Airport. At least now I can book a direct flight and just hop on the Muscat-Dubai bus and get off at the airport – so convenient,” the expat said.