Bring more colour to your home

Lifestyle Wednesday 16/January/2019 11:37 AM
By: Times News Service
Bring more colour to your home

When you look at your home's interiors, do you find yourself craving a refresh? If so, there's no better time than the New Year to update your home with thoughtful design touches that embrace the power of colour. Colour is a key component of interior design and a useful tool for updating any space. What's more, colours can convey many emotions — from calm to energetic — helping you create rooms that are perfectly reflective of your personal tastes.
Even though the possibilities are endless, colour can be intimidating. While you may like the use of colour when you see it online, in magazines or other people's homes, the uncertainty about how to incorporate it into your own home may hold you back. Fortunately, a few simple expert tips and tricks will have you using colour like a pro in no time.
Tips to bring colour into your home:
Paint an accent wall: An accent wall commands attention and creates depth in the space, becoming the focal point of the room. The colour you choose can be any hue that's different from the other walls in the room. Whether it's slightly different or drastically different is up to you.
Add a rug: Transform a room in an instant with a vibrant rug. It will add the perfect touch of colour and can even be changed out seasonally to bring new hues into the space. A rug with a bright colour or pattern can help create the illusion of more space so don't be afraid to use one in a smaller room to open it up and make it more inviting.
Start small: Many people are timid about colour, so you can start small and incorporate a new, bold tone with items like a coffee table accessory or oversized pillows. You may find that your choice quickly becomes a favourite piece in your home, plus you'll gain the confidence to add more colour to other rooms, too.
Introduce textures: Bringing in different colours and textures, such as a plush throw blanket or a woven basket, takes your space up a notch and adds another visual layer. Since these aren't permanent fixtures in the room, they offer an easy way to play around with colours to see what works best in the space.
Embrace the unexpected: Bring in a bold pop of colour by doing something unexpected, like painting the trim instead of the wall. Black can take a room up a notch with its rich tone.
Whether you're looking to do a quick update or a complete interior design overhaul, colour makes a room more dynamic and energised. From simple décor pieces to bolder accent walls, bringing colour into your home is a great way to refresh in the New Year.