Muscat Festival: Entertaining rides at Naseem Garden add fun element

Energy Tuesday 15/January/2019 18:21 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Festival: Entertaining rides at Naseem Garden add fun element

MUSCAT: A festival is incomplete without games and adventurous rides, and therefore, Naseem Garden is making sure that visitors do not miss out on any fun.
The fun-zone area at the venue, with more than 30 rides, is set up right across Heritage Village and has various activities for all age groups. There are six rides exclusively for adults, 10 are for families, and 15 for children.
“The adult rides such as Crazy Dance, Tagada, Ranger Double, Fresbi, Boomber and Car Big Number cost between OMR2 and 4. Whereas, family games such as Amour Express, Dolphin Miami, Worm Wacky, Bing Swinger, and many more, cost between one and one-and-a-half rials,” said the saleswoman at the counter when asked about the price range.
She also added that there are a number of rides for children starting from 500 baisa to a rial.
These rides for children, that are not just popular but pocket-friendly too, are proving to be a great draw. One can easily see the delight and excitement on their faces, enjoying the numerous options as they hop around from one inflatable jumping castle to another.
“This is my second time at the Muscat Festival and I come every year all the way from my village in Ibri to enjoy the rides here. I wish the authorities could have this fun-zone area throughout the year and not just during the festival,” Majda Al Kindi said.
Her five-year-old daughter who is attending the festival for the first time said that she doesn’t want to go home and wants to live in Naseem Garden because of all the fun rides she is seeing for the first time.
“My daughter is still young to understand what a festival is and thinks this place is another village like ours,” Al Kindi laughed.
For some others, Boomber – a 360-degree ride – was a straight winner.
“This was my first time on a thrilling and crazy ride like Boomber, and it was awesome. I just wished my friends were courageous enough to try this ride with me. This ride is an absolute winner at the festival,” said Khalid Al Zadjali.