Wadi Tiwi on Oman’s winter tourism map

Oman Sunday 13/January/2019 21:46 PM
By: Times News Service
Wadi Tiwi on Oman’s winter tourism map

Muscat: Wadi Tiwi, located in the Tiwi district of wilayat of Sur of South Al Sharqiyah Governorate, is one of the most important tourist destinations on the tourism map in the Sultanate.
Most tourism companies put the wadi, which is only 140km away from Muscat Governorate, on all their tourism programmes and packages for the region.During the winter, the wadi has a huge influx of tourists. Many tourists during their visit to the Sultanate ask about it due to its extraordinary attractions.
The wadi is 36km long near a mountain village known as Mibam, which is popular for its fertile landscape.
The wadi passes by many agricultural villages, which grow palms and bananas overlooking scenic and majestic mountains and offer a picturesque view of the area.
Said bin Yousef Al Magini, a tourist guide, said that there is a huge turnout of tourists in the wadi during winter. This is because of its prominent pristine natural places, which have preserved their aesthetics and heritage.
These include the mountains, which stand strongly near the green oasis, good for human recreation, in addition to the flowing of fresh and glittering water in the wadi, against the background of the blue water of the nearby sea. With this, the entire area is a unique tourist destination and a living example of the rich geography of Oman.
Multiple options
Wandering in the vast expanses of the wadi, tourist guide Al Magini, who works for Nour Majan Tourist Company, stopped to invite visitors to have lunch on the shores.
He said that the best way to enjoy nature is to walk between all its features and components and enjoy its climate, which is moderate. This is despite the fact that the area has roads paved for all types of cars to reach the wadi.
But it is always preferable to walk and enjoy nature and the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains where you can see the wadi flowing below. If one has to explore the hidden beauty of the wadi, he or she has to walk. This is the only and most preferred way to enjoy it. It offers a unique, memorable tourism experience to visitors.
Speaking about the possibilities and investment opportunities offered by Wadi Shaab, Al-Magini said that there were promising investment opportunities in Wadi Tiwi.
Investors can get the benefit of the existing farms and recreational facilities, which existed in the surroundings.
The entire length of the wadi needs guest houses, which match its pristine nature.
There are tens of deserted farms, which can be utilised for the purpose of tourism, making them resorts, welcoming visitors in a pure Omani environment.
This would offer a unique experience to the tourists. He urged the owners of the farms to reap the benefits of investments and provide diverse kinds of tourism services needed in the wadi. This would open up lots of work opportunities for local residents.
Diverse environment
Dutch tourist Henrik, who along with his wife visited the wadi, expressed his happiness and pleasure during the visit. He appreciated whatever he could see and enjoy in the green vast expanses that met the blue water of the sea on the other end. In between, his family and him could see unique animals and birds and stopped to take pictures. He said that this visit would always be memorable for him. He would never be able to forget anything he had seen during this visit. During his visit along the wadi, he saw fresh and pure water in it.
As you enter the wadi, shady trees will welcome you. This is what makes it an exemplary place for recreation and to spend time in the lap of green nature surrounded by high mountains. He said that what attracted him the most were the high peaks of mountains on both sides of the wadi and how local residents managed to exploit every inch of their land for agriculture, forming a green belt along the mountain strip. The presence of trees and rare plants showed the love of God for this area.
The Dutch tourist said that the hospitality of the residents of the area was a fascinating experience. This is what will always remain in his memory. He would like to enjoy the experience again and tell his friends about it and encourage them to visit the country.
French tourist Mark, who accompanied his sons and grandchildren on a visit to Wadi Tiwi, said that he heard about it from many people after five days of his arrival to the Sultanate. He said that what he saw during his visit to the wadi was even more than he had heard. The beauty of nature and the people of the area attracted him the most. He said that when he was in the area, his grandchildren and him felt safe in the lap of pristine nature. He had earlier thought that the wadi and the surrounding area would not be safe, but what he experienced was peace and security. Since then, he has been telling all other close friends to visit this wadi, as Oman is safe and has diverse natural beauty.
In addition to tourist hotels, hotel apartments, green inns and other accommodation facilities in Sur city near wadi, there are many green lodges in the wadi. There are also other tourist products in Wadi Shaab, less than 2km away from Wadi Tiwi, including public washrooms and popular Omani restaurants, which enrich the tourism experience during the visit to the area. Near the wadi in Muscat Governorate, there are lots of accommodation facilities. The tourists who visit Muscat also visit and enjoy wadi Tiwi, which is just 140km away.