PDO plans to create 21,000 jobs for Omanis this year

Energy Tuesday 08/January/2019 21:50 PM
By: Times News Service
PDO plans to create 21,000 jobs for Omanis this year

Muscat: Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is aiming to create 21,000 job opportunities this year. The target was made under the National Objectives Programme at PDO.
Since the launch of the scheme in 2011, PDO has already created more than 55,000 jobs and tranining opportunities in addition to redeployment of Omanis in the oil and non-oil sectors such as hospitality, real estate, fashion and aviation.
Speaking to Times Of Oman, Amur Al Rahbi, training assurance adviser at the National Object Department at PDO, said, “For 2019, we have set a target of 21,000 job opportunities through training for employment, direct hiring, in addition to redeployment and transferability.”
With regard to how the programme aims to achieve this goal, Al Rahbi said, “We are going to work with all sectors to achieve this target, we will also be working internally with PDO contractors. The main aim of the programme is to help employers get qualified employees and also to help jobseekers become qualified enough to join the private sector.”
“The costs of such targets vary; for instance, for the training and employment contracts it’s different because it involves training fees. Sometimes, PDO covers all the costs and at other times employers share them. With regard to direct hires, we deal with an employment agency, therefore the costs are not that substantial,” said Al Rahbi.
Earlier this week, PDO and Oman Liquefied Natural Gas Company joined forces to co-fund the creation of job opportunities for Omanis in and outside the oil and gas industry.
Under the terms of the two-year agreement, PDO and Oman LNG will jointly fund training-for-employment programmes for jobseekers in a variety of economic sectors. A joint team representing the two parties will be formed to manage the selection of sectors and training programmes, and successful trainees will then be offered full-time jobs in their area of training.
A second MoU was signed with the Oman LNG Development Foundation whereby the Foundation would commit a designated amount to jointly fund a training-for-employment programme through PDO’s National Objectives scheme.
In September 2018, the company signed four agreements with the Oman Society for Petroleum Services, Muscat Municipality, Bright Torch solar specialists, and Mazoon Dairy Company to hire trainees upon their successful completion of the programme, which will last from six to 18 months.