Municipalities conduct over 100 inspections in four days

Energy Sunday 30/December/2018 12:14 PM
By: Times News Service
Municipalities conduct over 100 inspections in four days

Muscat: The nutrition monitoring department at Muscat Municipality in Bausher carried out more than 100 inspection visits over the past four days, officials have said.

According to the municipality, the visits targeted a range of health and food establishments in Ghubra and Azaiba. As a result of the inspections "31 health violations were issued”.

A total of 398 edible products were seized by the municipality, in addition to 37 kg of cooked food and 50 kg of various foodstuffs.

Most of the food found was rotten. According to officials, the reasons for the decay of the food were, "Incorrect preservation, the existence of harmful pests in food material, making them not fit for human consumption and the invalidity of some of the used cooking items."

During the four-day campaign, three food establishments were closed by Muscat Municipality.

Officials said, “The closures focused on a range of cafes and restaurants in accordance with the provision of the Local Order No. 1/2006 and the Muscat Municipality law 38/2015."